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Security Blankets

Security Blankets (in collaboration with Diane Lee & Cem Eskinazi)

Comfort objects are used to mitigate fear and distress in uncertain times, including bedtime. Security Blankets are printed with densely layered patterns sourced from proven information camouflage technologies to offer a layer of protection, keeping the user safe from outside chaos. This cozy layer of added encryption keeps one’s innermost thoughts and feelings private.

This project explores the nature of protection, security, and susceptibility. As we become increasingly vulnerable to breaches of privacy, we also become more reliant upon the invisible systems that encrypt our data (such as identity, credit, taxes, and biometrics).

These patterned blankets thus serve a dual purpose: providing psychological comfort and making structures of information security visible.

Security Blankets are real custom-woven blankets! We have samples and are working to get them in production and up for sale.

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Security_Blankets_2017-05-06 01.00.15.png
Security_Blankets_2017-05-06 00.59.51.png